Tolliday Carpet Services is a professional carpet cleaning, repair, and restoration company serving the Greater Vancouver area and parts of the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, in British Columbia, Canada.

As a responsible service provider we must inform you that there are some inherent risks associated with the care and maintenance of carpets, rugs, and kilim; this is the nature of servicing these items.

At Tolliday Carpet Services, our primary mission is to safely and effectively clean and/or apply protection treatments. Despite all safety precautions and professional due diligence, the following are examples of (but not limited to) possible occurrences that are beyond the reasonable control of Tolliday Carpet Services during processing.

Dimensional changes – the level dimensional stability of carpets and kilims during processing is as varied as the number of different materials and weaves there are in the marketplace. Some carpets can shrink, relax, ripple, and pucker. When this occurs it is due to the construction and/or materials make up of the product and this cannot always be anticipated prior to processing. If we see the potential for this problem, we will utilize specific methods to alleviate the likelyhood of dimensional changes.

Pile changes and distortion – carpets, kilims, and rugs made with certain fibers are prone to changes in pile appearance during processing some of which may or not be desirable.

Colour changes – some materials will experience changes in colour, shading, and/or luster. Changes may not always be consistent throughout the material. This could be due to inconsistencies in the manufacturing process, exposure to certain environmental conditions, general usage, and other variables.

Tolliday Carpet Services agrees to perform all services in a proper, professional manner using equipment, cleaning solutions, protection treatments, and procedures that are standard for the professional cleaning industry. Tolliday Carpet Services will not be liable for failure to remove stains, for any discolouration or colour loss from non-water fast or unstable dyes, nor for any change in colour to the materials regardless of the cause, nor changes in texture including pile distortion, nor dimensional changes that may appear during or after the process of cleaning or protecting. Tolliday Carpet Services will accept no liability for conditions existing prior to cleaning or protecting.


All residential invoices are C.O.D. Payment in full must be made to Tolliday Carpet Services upon completion of the job. We accept Master Card & Visa. You can also pay by cheque or cash.

Commercial Accounts are also C.O.D. unless credit is arranged in advance of the cleaning date. All accounts must be paid in full within 30 days of service date.

A finance charge of 2% per month (24% annually) will be charged on all past due balances. A $50 fee will be applied to all declined and NSF cheques.

If outstanding invoices are not paid in full within 30 days of the service date, the customer agrees to pay any collection service fees, court fees, bank service charges, interest, and other expenses incurred by Tolliday Carpet Services, including lawyers fees, in collection of the same.

Tolliday Carpet Services are not responsible for goods left in our care for more than 90 days unless previous arrangements are made for additional storage services.


Prices are subject to final measurements and inspection. Prices are subject to change without notice. A minimum charge is required for pick-up and delivery.

Additional charges may apply for jobs depending on the severity and additional cleaning requested.


It is impossible to accurately predict the results of any cleaning process because there are always unknown variables. As professionals, our goal is to achieve the best cleaning results safely possible using a combination of competent, highly trained and certified professionals, top-of-the-line equipment and solutions, the latest industry standard methods and procedures, along with our extensive knowledge and many years of experience in carpet care and maintenance. General expectations will be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of any work. 100% stain removal and/or odour removal cannot be guaranteed in every situation. Pre-existing conditions such as damage to materials, age, wear, and sun exposure may affect our ability to properly complete cleaning. Certain cleaning procedures are performed at full customer risk when specified.


We respect your privacy. While the nature of our business requires us to obtain some personal information from you, we will never sell, rent, share, or provide that information to any third party. Exceptions are the financial institution required to process your payment or agencies used to collect overdue accounts if necessary. See our Privacy Policy for more details.


In the unlikely event that damage occurs to any item as a result of the cleaning process, excluding the limitations previously stated, Tolliday Carpet Services will repair the damage at our expense. If the item cannot be repaired, Tolliday Carpet Services will compensate you for the items present depreciated cash value as determined by customary insurance depreciation tables.