Area Rug Cleaning, Repair & Restoration Service in Vancouver and Victoria since 1989

We are the most experienced dedicated carpet cleaning and repair facility in the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island.

Our Cleaning Solution

In 1989 we established an area rug cleaning service in the Lower Mainland based on traditional methods such as gentle hand cleaning techniques and soft eco-friendly soap solutions. We also have a full immersion system for advanced cleaning requirements.

It is essential to develop our staff as apprentice trained craftsmen — a qualification that takes years to earn rather than a weekend. For us, the deep knowledge that comes from hands on experience over time is what defines a professional craftsman; and as a result, our staff knows how a carpet ages and the unique care it requires during cleaning.

Restoration Service

We are also experts at carpet restorations and repairs. With over 20 years experience, Partner and Master Repairer Ara Mavyan draws on his Istanbul training to provide invisible repairs to all types of handmade rugs. We have an extensive in-house inventory of wools and other materials, imported from all rug weaving areas, and can carry out careful dyeing with vegetable and synthetic dyestuffs to allow for accurate matching and recreation of damaged areas.

We have expanded and now have a 4000 square foot cleaning plant located in North Vancouver.

Over the past two decades we have established a reputation as some of the finest and most skilled carpet professionals — contact us to find out how we can take care of your valuable carpet service needs.

We Now Offer Microsealing

Only for carpets cleaned in the North Vancouver facility