Carpet De-Dusting

Carpet de-dusting has two functions: On its own it is a cleaning method to minimize and remove carpet allergens such as dust mites; and second, it is an essential step we use before carrying out more intensive wet washing techniques.

Note that de-dusting is a very different, yet complimentary, process to vacuum cleaning. De-dusting requires specialized high power machinery that pushes carpet dust and rug dust down and out the opposite side of the carpet and onto the floor. This is the only truly effective way to dislodge deeply embedded dust and dirt.

It is essential to remove particles embedded in carpet because they will cause abrasion to the fibres whenever the carpet is walked on and used. This leads to accelerated wear, disintegration, and degradation of the carpets internal structure.

Furthermore, it is essential to thoroughly remove all dirt, dust, and grit before the carpet is washed. Otherwise, upon exposure to water, the particles turn to mud, wick deeply into the fibres, and stick there making the abrasive effects more damaging and difficult to remove even with repeated washing.

So, for carpets that are in dusty areas, high-traffic areas, and otherwise haven’t been well cleaned in a long time, we always recommend de-dusting first before any other cleaning is performed.