Carpet Repair & Rug Restoration

When your rug needs go beyond cleaning and maintenance, you’re in excellent hands.  Our rug repair services can restore carpet areas that have been destroyed through fire, animals, insects, wear and tear, cuts, or similar damage.  Even if your rug damage is extensive, we can restore your carpet by rebuilding the missing pieces by hand using similar materials and dyes to match the original.

Rug Restoration: Repiling and Reweaving Before and After

Repiling BeforeRepiling After

We do original technique re-piling and reweaving in Turkish and Persian knotting. Invisible repairs of holes large and small are possible. We can reproduce the original design in specially dyed wools, cottons and silks.

Rug Repair: Patching Before and After

End Stop BeforeEnd Stop After

Rug Restoration: Patching Before and After

Patch BeforePatch After

We have a large selection of rug fragments from which to choose suitable pieces for large, inexpensive hole repair.


We can inexpensively mask worn areas by “painting” the design back onto the worn area. We use quality fabric dyes that will not wash off or fade.

End Stop

This procedure stabilizes the fringe ends of the rug to ensure no losses to the pile. Several methods achieve this end including:

  • Chain stitch or Soumack technique
  • Double knot technique
  • Blanket stitch
  • Reinforced end stop
  • Flat stop technique

Here are some of the related services we offer:

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