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In 1989, carpet experts Ara Mavyan and Peter Tolliday met to discuss trends in the carpet industry. They observed that carpet cleaning techniques in North America relied on wall-to-wall mobile steam cleaning machines and harsh chemical based shampoos. From their experience, Ara and Peter knew that these techniques are not appropriate for high quality hand made rugs. And so, at that time, they decided to create a partnership to provide specialty hand washing and restoration services specifically suited to the needs of quality hand made rugs and carpets.

Peter Tolliday

Ara Mavyan

Our facility has all the equipment and expertise necessary to care for your carpet.

A short time later, Tolliday Carpet Services was founded and a 3600-square-foot workshop was established in North Vancouver with facilities for handwashing, stretching, blocking, and all manner of carpet repairs.

Much of the restoration services are done by our staff in-house. Ara Mavyan is a managing partner and master restoration craftsman at Tolliday Carpet Services. Ara began his career in his native Turkey buying and selling carpets as well as cleaning and repairing them. His experience as a master craftsman is unmatched and it shows in the quality of carpet repairs and restorations.

For demanding repairs, and intensive restorations on antique carpets, we have skilled artisans at our factory in Istanbul, Turkey who use traditional techniques to carefully reconstruct and repair as needed by hand using the techniques that were likely used to make the carpet in the first place.

As a result, we have the rare ability to undertake very complicated restorations and achieve remarkable results for difficult issues such as: specific vegetable dye colour matches, specific wool material matches, and complete recreation of missing sections of any type of hand made carpet.

Over the past 20 years we have established a reputation as some of the finest and most skilled professionals servicing all types of area carpets, throw rugs, and kilims.

Our expertise allows us to recognize potential problems at the outset and to consult with you on how best to deal with them before work begins.

We are also experienced in techniques that can help mitigate problems and accommodate unusual carpet repair and restoration scenarios. For example: Some carpets have a type of backing that will shrink under certain washing conditions; other carpets use dyes that are sensitive to certain detergents and they will change colour after cleaning. We are proficient at identifying these unique needs and providing service that will produce great results every time.

We know the needs of your carpet and can provide you with expert advice and care — contact us to find out how we can work for you.

Our Associate Retail Outlets

Mavyan Carpets and Tolliday Oriental Carpets are our associate retail outlets that can receive your carpet drop-off and pick-ups.