Additional Services

We offer many services in addition to those already listed:

  • Sleeve of loops for hanging – cotton sleeve or individual loops sewn on the back of the rug to accept a hanging rod.
  • Velcro for hanging – Velcro hand-sewn onto the back of the rug for hanging.
  • Sleeve for fringes – cotton sleeve sewn onto the back of the rug to cover fringes
  • Rubber siding – rubber strips sewn onto the back of the rug to keep it straight and flat.
  • Carpet Shaving – smoothing and leveling uneven pile areas.
  • Carpet Backing – covering the entire back of the rug with cotton canvas.
  • Downsizing large carpets – creating smaller rugs from larger rugs.
  • Carpet Appraisals – for insurance evaluations.
  • Damage reports
  • Carpet Pickup and Delivery – unmarked vehicle available upon request.
  • Carpet Storage – carpet is cleaned, moth sprayed and wrapped. Process is repeated every six months.
  • Stair runner installation – with or without stair rods.