Carpet Binding & Fringing

Carpets are a wearable object in one’s life. They get tread on daily and can take a lot of abuse in high traffic and dirty parts of the home. Eventually, your favorite carpet will require some care and attention to repair the damage that accumulates with service. A few of the more common repairs we do to restore carpets to their original look are:

Carpet Fringing

FringingFringing After


Hand fringing – this technique most accurately reproduces the original by hand-inserting individual threads into the carpet ends.
End stop carpet fringing – This method attaches fringe threads to a double knot end stop.
Machine carpet fringing – Pre-made fringes are sewn onto the carpet ends.

Carpet Binding

Carpet Binding BeforeBinding After


Hand overcast carpet binding – available in several techniques to match the existing binding.
Machine serging – a less expensive overcasting alternative to the above.
Machine carpet binding – cloth strips are sewn over edges. Most economical.
Machine reinforced carpet binding – for commercial carpets.

Carpet Restoration

We also do original technique re-piling and reweaving in Turkish and Persian knotting. This technique allows us to perform invisible repairs of holes large and small. With hand re-piling we can reproduce the original design in specially dyed wool, cottons and silks to match the damaged area and recreate the original look of the carpet.